Why are my happy lighting LED lights not working | 12 Step Easy Guide

Happy LED light is quite popular among individuals who like to decorate their houses with LED lights. The Happy LED lights have excellent build quality and colour output.

However, issues with the wiring, external damages, or app issues may be the reason why happy lighting led lights not working. If you ever encounter the problem, you will suffer much because it might be difficult to pinpoint the actual source.

That is why I will discuss the reasons Why are my happy lighting LED lights not working so that you can quickly identify the problem and Solution.

Why aren’t happy lighting LED lights not working?

happy lighting LED lights not working

Here are the most common reasons why your Happy lighting LED light not working:

Battery Depletion

When the Happy LED light is used for a long period of time, the controller’s battery may become depleted, resulting in the light not working at all. It appears to be quite simple, but it is the most common cause of LED light failure.

Another cause is that before you buy the lamp, it may have spent a long time in the shop’s drawer, and thus the battery is dead when you buy it or has only a few charges remaining when you take it home. As a result, it died and the LED stopped working.

Remote Connection:

It is not uncommon for Happy LED strip remotes to lack a pairing method. When the battery level lowers or the connection gets poor, the remote is disconnected from the LED strip transmitter.

In this case, the remote lights may be working normally, but the LED strip will not respond in any manner.

The Setting Issue

When the Happy light does not operate, it could be due to a problem with the settings. After changing settings on multiple occasions for distinct preferences, the overall settings can become jumbled, causing it to stop working.

This issue also results in the wrong colour, the improper colour sequence, and so on. As a result, you should check or reset the settings.

Interference from Other Devices

There is often signal disturbance when using many Bluetooth devices. It has the ability to disrupt the signals from the LED light’s controller. That is when the LED light will fail to function properly.

App Issue

The app used to connect and control the Happy LED lights can occasionally exhibit technical or software issues. You must maintain the app updated in order to avoid problems. Some updates, on the other hand, can be riddled with bugs. As a result, this could be the cause of the light not working.

LED Light Damage

Although Happy LED lights are not easily damaged, they can be harmed by external factors. External damage might occur during shipment or as a result of manufacturing flaws. This could be the cause of your Happy LED light not working.

How Do You Get a Happy LED Light To Work?

How Do You Get a Happy LED Light To Work?

If you want to repair the Happy LED light, you should first learn about LED lights. Or else if you don’t have time to learn you can consult a Professional.

  • The first step is to determine whether or not the power supply is operational. If that is the source of the LED light problem, you must address it. But first, you must thoroughly inspect it.
  • Connecting a Voltage metre to the power source and viewing the reading shown on the device is a simple approach to determine whether the voltage is accurate. If the metre data reveals that the power supply is supplying enough electricity, the LED lights are destroyed.
  • However, if the reading is insufficient or there is no reading at all from the metre, you may be certain that the power supply is the root of the problem. The power supply should be replaced in this case.
  • If the wires become loose for any reason, the LED light will stop working properly. To resolve this issue with the Happy LED, you do not need to make any changes; only ensure that the wiring is as strong as possible. As a result, the LED connections should be inspected, and the LED lights themselves should be tested to guarantee proper operation. If you find any loose connections, you should use a screwdriver to tighten them.
  • The current will not flow consistently if the pins that connect the wires are worn out or broken. You can carefully inspect each pin to see if anything is broken, bent, or damaged.
  • If the old pins are no longer functional and have been twisted, bent, or otherwise broken, you must replace them. It is preferable not to waste time and money mending it because it may not function in the long term.
  • You won’t be able to send signals to the Happy light if the remote’s batteries are dead or its power is depleted. Simply replace the battery to resolve this. To power the LED lights, however, a new controller must be acquired if the old one is broken.
  • This could be the result of a faulty adapter. If you rule out the previously suggested alternatives and the problem remains, the adapter may be to blame.

How to connect lights to the Happy Lighting app in 12 Easy Steps:

How to connect lights to the happy lighting app

Step-by-step guide of how to connect lights to happy lighting app:

1. Check to make sure the Illuminated Strap is properly attached; the red wire should be positive (+) and the black wire should be negative (-). Connect the LED Whip to a rockers control that is connected to the battery.

2. In this step, install the Bluetooth app and scan the code. Alternatively, you can utilize your iPhone’s app store to find and install the Bluetooth app.

3. From your phone, install and open the Bluetooth app. 

4. To scan, select the Group Menu Icon.

5. In this step, managing lighting groups and devices is critical.

6. Tap or drag the color spectrum to select the desired color.

7. Set Color Schemes can be changed to incorporate the colors you want. Simply select the desired color block, then select the desired color to alter the color cycle. The only set color options are Basic Color Palettes.

8. Select the Music setting to play music when the lights are turned on. The intensity and colors will change at random depending on the soundtrack.

9. Select the Tape setup to use voice control. Depending on the surrounding sound, the luminance and colors will shift at random.

10. In the following step, select the Style option for light patterns. Move the cursor up and down to change the design. To modify the rhythm speed between the maximum and minimum values, move the speed slider from left to right.

11. Select the Timing option to set the timing. To change the time, click the on/off icon and then select the desired time.

12. To access the Shake feature, click the settings icon. When the Shake function is enabled, you may shake the phone to turn on or off the LED and change its color by shaking it from left to right.

How to connect happy lighting to led lights?

I Can’t Connect to my RGB Lights

Happy lighting app instructions to power the LEDs

Happy lighting app instructions to power the LEDs

How to Use Bluetooth in Happy LED Lights?

How to Use Bluetooth in Happy LED Lights

All Happy LED Strip Lights include a Bluetooth device, which allows the Happy LED Strip Light Settings Adjustment Mobile App to be used to make changes to the light’s configuration. These LED lights also include Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to control them online and synchronise them with other software.

How to Reset Happy LED Light?

If you’re experiencing a lot of problems with the Happy lights in general, Reset Happy LED Light is an excellent solution. This method has been shown to be beneficial on numerous times. Because there could be a problem with the settings, restarting it will resolve the issue quickly.

You will only need to do a few simple things to reset Happy LED light:

  • Insert a paper clip or similar-sized item into the hole on the controller that functions as the reset button.
  • You must use the clip to push and hold the reset switch within the hole for a total of 8 seconds.
  • If everything was done successfully, the light strip should blink 5 times before switching to the next color in the sequence.

What are the Common Problems with LED Lights?

What are the Common Problems with LED Lights?
  • Happy LED lights have a low failure rate. However, there are situations when things go wrong. The following are some of the most common LED bulb issues:
  • After long use, some Happy LED lights have been reported to dim or flicker. Reasons for this could range from trivial to major. Nonetheless, this is frequently caused by a power outage or a broken connection.
  • One common problem with LED lights is that their color changes suddenly. When you try to switch on numerous LEDs at once, it’s not uncommon for only one color to appear. A variety of circumstances contribute to the occurrence of this problem.
  • LED lighting has various advantages over traditional bulbs; yet, the quality of its color representation is occasionally poor. As a result, items illuminated by LEDs may appear to be the wrong color. However, there are ways to improve the efficiency with which LEDs show colors.
  • One typical issue with LED lighting is that it can give off a harsh and unpleasant vibe. White light with a low temperature contains a significant proportion of blue light despite not appearing blue to the naked eye. Exposure to this type of blue light has been shown to disturb the body’s natural sleep cycle, possibly leading in weariness and migraines.
  • This could be the most common problem with LED bulbs. This could be due to a variety of factors, including poor lighting or electrical issues. While this is a rare occurrence, it does occur on occasion. Flickering occurs when there is an electrical failure or a problem with the power source.

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Finally, a helpful tip is to consider a reset if you encounter persistent issues with your happy lighting LED lights not working. A reset can often resolve minor glitches and setting-related problems. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to perform a successful reset.

In essence, while Happy LED lights offer impressive lighting solutions, they might face occasional challenges. By understanding the potential issues and implementing the provided solutions, you can ensure that your happy lighting LED lights not working problem is swiftly resolved, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant and enchanting illumination they provide.

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