10 Reasons Why Your LED Lights Suddenly Stop Working | Solutions

1. Loose Connections Secure both ends; vibrations or pets may loosen them.

2. Overheating LEDs need ventilation; overheating causes failure.

3. Electrical Issues Power surges or shorts can affect LEDs; consult an electrician.

4. Old Age:  LEDs degrade over time; consider retiring them.

5. Sneaky Switch Check for malfunctions or accidental turn-offs.

6. Faulty Driver/Transformer:  Inspect and replace if necessary.

7. Water Damage Check for any signs of water  damage and replace the affected components.

8. Bug Infestation Use bug guards to prevent shorts.

9. Voltage Fluctuations Invest in a voltage stabilizer to ensure a consistent  power supply!

10. Manufacturing Defects Check your warranty and contact the manufacturer for replacements if necessary.