17 Best ways to achieve baddie aesthetic room with LED lights

Neon Wall Art Use neon LED lights to create trendy wall art or write motivational phrases on your wall.

LED Light Strips:  Install LED light strips along the edges of your room for a colorful and futuristic look.

 Under-Bed Lighting Place LED strips under your bed frame for a subtle, ambient glow.

Holographic Posters: Decorate your walls with holographic posters that shimmer under the LED lights.

LED Ceiling Stars Create a galaxy on your ceiling with LED lights that resemble stars.

Floating Shelves Illuminate your books or decorative items on floating shelves with LED strips.

LED Vanity Mirror Add LED lights around your vanity mirror for a Hollywood-inspired makeup station.

Color-Changing Corner Use a corner of your room to display color-changing LED lights for a dynamic ambiance.

Backlit TV Install LED lights behind your TV to create a striking focal point.

LED Wall Grid Hang a wire grid on your wall and clip Polaroid photos with LED string lights.

Glowing Headboard Build or buy a headboard with integrated LED lights for a stylish bedroom.

 Rainbow LED Curtains: Hang colorful LED curtains that can change colors and patterns.

LED Plant Wall Create a vertical garden with LED-lit shelves for your favorite plants.

Colorful Neon Signs:  Hang neon signs with words or symbols that resonate with your aesthetic.

LED Cloud Ceiling Create a dreamy atmosphere with LED cloud lights on your ceiling.

Interactive LED Wall Design an interactive LED wall that responds to sound or touch.

LED Corner Shelf Install LED-lit corner shelves to display collectibles and trinkets.